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World Journal of Engineering and Physical Sciences Vol. 3 (4), pp. 043-050, December 2015, ISSN 2331-1878 ©2015 World Science Research Journals  

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Analysis of solvent effects on the reactivity of carboxylic acids with diazodiphenylmethane using Catalan’s and Krygowski-Fawcett’s approaches

L.K. Akinola

Department of Chemistry, Bauchi State University, Gadau, Nigeria. Email:

Accepted June 20, 2015


Solvent effects on the reactivity of eight carboxylic acids with diazodiphenylmethane in some pure organic solvents were examined in the light of Catalan’s three-parameter and Krygowski-Fawcett’s two-parameter equations using multiple linear regression analysis.  Findings reveal that the results from the two different approaches are in good agreement in explaining the specific solute-solvent interaction. It was also shown that the nonspecific dipolarity/polarizability term in the Catalan equation contributes small but significant impact on the observed solvent effects. The fitness of models based on Krygowski-Fawcett’s equation is adjudged to be relatively poor due to the neglect of nonspecific solute-solvent interaction in the models. Better insight into the mechanism of how solvents affect the reactivity of carboxylic acids was provided by Catalan’s approach. 

Keywords: Carboxylic acids, Diazodiphenylmethane, Multiple Regression, Reactivity, Solvent Effects.